Pastor David L. White
Pastor David L. WhiteSpringwood Church of God, Gastonia, NC
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"It gives me great pleasure to share my thoughts on this anointed group, Heart 2 Heart. I have had the opportunity to know David, Regina, Deana and their families both personally and through their ministry of song. The one thing that has impressed me most about this group is their lives are true testimonies of what they sing about. Their love for people and most of all, God shows in the burden they carry for lost souls. If you are looking for a spirit filled, anointed group that will minister to your congregation, not just perform, then Heart 2 Heart a group after God’s own heart is the group you should book today!"
Gary Rushing
Gary RushingGeneral Manager, Rushing Winds Studio, Dallas, NC
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“I have known the members of Heart 2 Heart for several years now. I can truly say that they live what they sing. With the anointing, their Christian walk and the talent God has blessed them with you are sure to receive a real blessing. Heart 2 Heart wants you to know how much Jesus loves and cares for you this is what their ministry is all about. I highly recommend Heart 2 Heart, you will not be disappointed.”
New Vine Baptist Church
New Vine Baptist ChurchAlbemarle, NC
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“As a Pastor of a local church, I highly recommend the gospel group Heart 2 Heart. I have known this group since August of 1998. Since the first time I heard this group, I have never questioned their relationship with God. I can assure you that their greatest desire is to please Jesus. They have a deep compassion for people and they are willing to share their testimony in song and word for their Lord. The most important thing about this group is that their lives match, whom they worship, honor and serve on the Lord’s day. Your church would be greatly blessed to have Heart 2 Heart minister and worship with you!”
Pastor Mike Wells
Pastor Mike WellsWake Forest Church of God, Wake Forest, NC
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“Heart 2 Heart has a genuine heart for ministry. It is their desire to touch the heart of God, so that he can touch the hearts and lives of people. This group will greatly bless your church or civic function through the gospel in song. I had them at the church I pastor and they ministered in a very powerful way to the people of the church and also those in the community that attended the concert. I highly recommend Heart 2 Heart.”
Jeff O’Neil
Jeff O’NeilHeritage Communications-Radio Promotions
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“Heart 2 Heart is one of the best upcoming groups in Southern Gospel Music today! I have witnessed them in concert and can say that the sound you hear on their projects does not compare with their sound in person. The anointing of the Lord is present as they sing and witness to lost people and edify the church. Their last two singles have charted in the top 80 Singing News magazine that is gaining them national exposure. This group is destined to great things for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God truly has His hand on their ministry, I would recommend them to anyone!”
Rev. Phillip Robinson
Rev. Phillip RobinsonRanch Road Church of God, Charlotte, NC
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“It is indeed my pleasure to recommend this singing group Heart 2 Heart. They have a harmony that is second to none. Not only do they have a wonderful sound, more importantly; they have a wonderful spirit. You can feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit as the minister in song. They have impeccable characters, warm personalities, and they are dedicated to the work of the Lord. I highly recommend Heart 2 Heart to you congregation or church gathering they will be a blessing to you!”
Minister of Music/Media
Minister of Music/MediaHigh Praise Family Worship Center, Landis, NC
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“Heart 2 Heart is one of the most anointed ministry groups on the music scene today. They have a unique balance of spiritual integrity and musical excellence that allows them to be a cut above the rest. Their contemporary Southern Gospel style of tight harmony and outstanding solo work will always leave listeners wanting to hear more. If you are looking to hear a musical group that has God’s hand on them, look no further than Heart 2 Heart.”
Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church
Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church
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“If you are planning a gospel singing event in the near future, please consider this group Heart 2 Heart. In my opinion, this group has the total package. The focus of this group is ministry. I have seen first hand the sincere compassion they have to reach the lost, and the encouragement they offer for those that are saved. You can sense the anointing of the Holy Spirit in their singing. Vocally, you will be hard-pressed to hear any better harmony and the individual solo talents that each member presents will impress you. If you are looking for a group that is anointed, compassionate, dedicated, and can present a song with the utmost excellence, you are looking for Heart 2 Heart. Based on 35 years experience in the gospel music industry, I give Heart 2 Heart my highest recommendation.”
Les Butler
Les ButlerSolid Gospel Radio, Nashville, TN
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“I knew when I heard this group Heart 2 Heart at the Big One Talent Contest in Pigeon Forge Tenn. That there was something special about them!”