Deana Kiser

Deana is a small-town girl and native of Belmont, NC. After graduating High School, she completed several studies through the Institute of Financial Education, Chicago, IL Chapter. In 1991 she married her high school sweetheart, David. They currently reside in Cherryville, NC and have two beautiful daughters, Keleigh and Ashleigh. Deana (aka GiGi) is blessed with having two granddaughters, Elynd Brilee and Brynlee Grae. Their son-in-law, Chase, and Keleigh live nearby in the next town and Chase is the group’s Sound Engineer. Her youngest daughter, Ashleigh, is married to Riley.  Both travel with the group and fill vital rolls within the ministry team as well.  Ashleigh runs the video/media during services/concerts along with teaming up with Keleigh as the Product/Resource Table Manager(s).  Riley tag teams the sound engineering with Chase. This enables Deana to spend much quality time with her family at home and on the road; which she enjoys tremendously. 

Deana comes from a deep-rooted Christian family with a music/ministry back ground. Her parents traveled in ministry for many years while Deana was growing up. She and her siblings were raised on the road and she has never forgotten the deep roots of Southern Gospel Music that was instilled in her as a young child. It was nothing out of the ordinary to hear songs of family harmony and guitar strings strumming southern gospel tunes most every evening after supper, camping trips by the campfire, and during family gatherings. Some of her fondest memories are those of when neighbors and friends would gather around as her family sang and strummed praises to the King of Kings. Not realizing it then, at her young adolescent age, but all along God had begun a work in her by instilling a ministry-minded heart that has continued to carry on through the ministry of Heart 2 Heart. Touching God’s people through song, a legacy that she is honored to carry on.

Deana enjoys spending time with her family and giving Elynd and Brynlee most of her attention. She also enjoys traveling, long conversations and a cup of coffee with friends, get-a-ways with David, and on any given day she will choose the mountains over the beach in a heartbeat. When not on the road ministering, her favorite past time is sitting on the front porch of their 21-acre cattle farm drinking a cup of coffee, or in the mountains enjoying a beautiful mountain view.